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About Me

Robin started digital photography since his secondary school life using normal digital compact camera. Before the digital age, he used nikon compact film camera to shoot for fun during 2002! Digital age has fully changed his photography style from film, to digital compact and now DSLR camera! He has been using DSLR for about three years.

He was influenced by his previous employer which was doing videography business. Robin started in multimedia industry by helping people to take wedding videos for the ceremony and event. He did not have a proper guru to teach him about photography so he has to learn from here and there. He takes effort to pick up knowledge from different people and he also do analysis on the skills that people use so that he could implement it! He knows that learning never ends, he is learning every single day!

He shot video for two years since 2006 before shifting to digital photography! Buying the first DSLR himself as a university student was not an easy job for him! At 2007, after 1 year or more of saving money, he finally got his first amatuer DSLR Canon 400D. He mostly shoots events, portrait and wedding. He would try all aspect of photography first before going in deep into certain areas. He does some commercial shooting occasionally too! Now, he has upgraded his camera gear to Nikon D300!

Robin has a bachelor degree of  materials and manufacturing engineering in a local university in Malaysia, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. Although he studies engineering but he spends a lot of time reading business relevant articles and books. Reading books is a MUST for him because that is one of the major source where he gets all the knowledge from.

PASSION and BELIEVE are driving him today in both business, photography and career!


My Gear

my gear

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